About Indivisible435

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For decades, the political establishment has told progressives that it’s a waste of time and resources to compete in vast swaths of the country.

Shamefully, too many of us listened to this “conventional wisdom,” and bought into a narrative that discounts millions of Americans. For too long, and in too many districts, we’ve allowed far-right conservatives to drive the conversation and win without a fight. This strategy alienates millions of people, including working people and communities of color.

You’ve already proved that there is a strong progressive movement in each one of the 435 Congressional districts in the country. There are more than 5,000 Indivisible groups around the country, and at least two groups in every Congressional district. We know that there are people committed to resisting Trump’s agenda and embracing progressive values in every part of the country. With major wins already under your belt on issues like health care, you’ve demonstrated that we really are stronger when we stand Indivisible -- and that includes on electoral politics.

Looking ahead to the 2018 elections, we know you’re ready to bring the power of our movement to the electoral space. We’ve heard from groups around the country that you are ready to hit the ground running on electoral politics. But we’ve also heard that a lot of folks don’t know where to start. Political jargon can exclude people and keep them from getting involved, and some key progressive tools are prohibitively expensive.

Indivisible435 is here to serve you as you take the reins of our political system. This site will serve as a homebase for the resources and tools we’ll be rolling out ahead of next year’s elections. We’ll be posting new guides and explainers regularly, on topics as varied as “Money in Politics,” “Election Messaging,” and “Finding the Right Candidate.” We’ll also be providing access to key voter contact tools, electoral engagement trainings, and a voter registration tool available today.

We’re excited to make gains in 2018, but Indivisible 435 isn’t just about notching wins. Our organization is not a wing of the Democratic party. While we care deeply about electing officials to oppose the Trump agenda, we care just as much building a strong progressive community nationwide and pushing the conversation back to the interests of the people. We are excited to stand Indivisible in every one of this country’s 435 Congressional Districts next year and in the elections to come.