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2018 is here. And building power starts on your home turf.

For months, thousands of Indivisible groups across the country have worked to resist the Trump agenda. From the travel ban to TrumpCare, we’ve seen how powerful constituent lobbying can be. But resistance isn’t enough— we also have to win elections. Indivisible435 is how we do it— in every congressional district across the country.



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Indivisible Endorsements


All across the country, Indivisible groups have been starting the process of endorsing candidates. Together, Indivisibles have a tremendous amount of power—and endorsing is an important first step to influencing who represents us.

The Indivisible Project exists to support the work Indivisible groups are doing across the country. To further the impact and help amplify the endorsements local groups are making, Indivisible Project will facilitate a grassroots-driven national endorsement program for federal (U.S. Senate and U.S House) and gubernatorial candidates.  Endorsements will happen in 4 waves: March, April, May, and July.


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The road to 2018 starts with voter registration.

Indivisible groups in Kansas have reached out to let us know that they're currently fighting against a requirement on the Kansas Secretary of State's website that requires voters to provide their passport or birth certificate to register online. This is aimed to suppress votes and make it more difficult to register. Instead, they (and we) recommend using this website to register in Kansas: https://ksvotes.org/.


Explore Indivisible435 resources by clicking below. Additional resources coming soon.


What is Indivisible435?

Every year, campaigns make the choice to write off whole swaths of the country as unwinnable. We’re here to say that’s no longer acceptable.

We’re building electoral power for the thousands of Indivisible groups in every one of the 435 congressional districts. The Indivisible movement’s fight against the Trump agenda has shown that there is a powerful progressive movement that reaches every corner of this country, and the elections we’ve seen so far in 2017 have shown that this movement has the energy to change elections and force candidates to reckon with us.

Indivisible 435 is an extension of that movement energy, supporting and working alongside our local groups to continue owning their constituent power in their turf and pushing the national conversation back to the interest of the people. This program includes:


Voter contact tools and resources to mobilize voters and volunteers.

 Message box

Guidance and training to help you run everything from a voter registration drive, to a canvass, to a candidate forum.

 Support for people

Expanding the electorate to fight voter suppression and support underrepresented communities.

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